Everyone has a story


Everyone has a story

Let us Help you tell yours.

We are an award-winning team of visual communications professionals with a purpose.

 Chance Multimedia has been producing strategic visual storytelling projects for nonprofit organizations, foundations and smart businesses for nearly a decade. 


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

 Our stories are powered by authenticity. Whether we're documenting tea farming practices in Kenya, or capturing the transformations communities are making to improve health in our local region, we pride ourselves in the ethics we uphold in our work and the passion we have for creating impactful narratives. 

Kenyan small-scale tea farmers


Chance Multimedia has established itself as a respected name in visual storytelling. 

We produce projects worldwide, from impact reporting to feature-length documentary film; we specialize in distilling and humanizing complex subject matter. We don't just shoot, we provide you with a specialized team to coordinate every step of the process, complementing your organization's goals and communications needs.

In all situations we extend care and compassion to our clients and subjects, acknowledging the sensitivity and vulnerability inherent in sharing personal stories. 


What we can provide as your multimedia production team:

Live Streaming

Certified Drone Operation

Graphics Creation

Video Placement Strategy

Strategic Communication Planning
Journalism / Reporting / Storytelling Expertise
Award-winning Visual Content
Video Editing

Our Work

Our Work

We utilize compelling, dynamic imagery to complement a strong narrative.




Our Team

Our Team

James Chance

Executive Producer and Director of Photography

James is an internationally recognized photographer and videographer whose work has regularly been featured in major international and American publications. The vision behind the vision at Chance Multimedia, he directs the cinematography and visual narratives during projects. James has a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication (specializing in Photojournalism) from the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University. More of James' photography can be viewed at www.jameschance.com.

Lindsay Hahn

Production Manager and Senior Editor

Lindsay is a journalist and videographer who is passionate about uncovering and conveying compelling stories. During the week she manages all aspects of video production and client relations at Chance Multimedia and on weekends you'll find her hiking up or skiing down Colorado's mountain peaks. She has a master's degree in journalism and a graduate certificate in documentary studies from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Her work has been featured in nationally syndicated publications such as The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain PBS.

Alex Sandberg

Cinematographer and Editor

Alex is a videographer and editor with a passion for storytelling and documenting people’s connection to the natural world. He has a BA in Communication Studies (Media Production) from Northeastern University. In addition to his pursuits as a visual artist, Alex is also interested in using technology to create a more sustainable society. When he’s not shooting or consumed by an editing timeline, he can be found wandering in the woods or tending to a campfire.


Our Clients

Our Clients

Clifford Still Museum

Webb PR

Caring for Colorado


Vantage Evaluation



DeBeaumont Foundation


Vail Valley Foundation


Healthier Colorado

SM Energy



Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art

Children's Museum of Denver

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Delores Project

Senior Support Services



What people are saying...


"I have had the pleasure to work with Chance Multimedia on creating more than a dozen videos over the last few years. On every occasion, their expertise, professionalism and storytelling abilities have been exemplary, and resulted in a remarkable return on the investment for their time and services. Most of these videos have necessitated creating sustained relationships with community members in cities, towns and neighborhoods across Colorado. The Chance Multimedia team has helped us maintain and even strengthen our own reputation by building trust and working with integrity in these communities, and truly representing the work we set out to accomplish."

-- Julian Kesner, Communications Director, The Colorado Trust

"The Colorado Health Foundation launched Healthy Places: Designing an Active Colorado, a five year initiative designed to inspire and support the development of active, healthy communities. Through community-led processes, Healthy Places focuses on fostering a built environment where it is easier, safer and more appealing to walk, play and engage in daily activities that encourage movement, connection and fun. Changes to the built environment take time. The Foundation selected Chance Multimedia to shadow the three selected Healthy Places communities and capture the transformation. In order to successfully portray this change over a period of years, Chance built solid relationship with each of the communities and community members involved in the initiative. Each year, they completed a short video that clearly reflected the accomplishments and the people that made it happen. The Healthy Places video series has be a useful tool for telling each community's story and inspiration of what we can accomplish across the state."

-- Jaclyn Lensen, Communications Manager, The Colorado Health Foundation

"As I helped start up the Verse.com site and platform, I was seeking visual storytellers who were not only talented, but who were open minded and willing to experiment with a new way of doing multimedia. 

Chance Multimedia enterprised a touching, fascinating and complex story idea about tea growers. It’s a story that resonates with so many people in the world who find comfort in the beverage.

With speed and clarity, they crafted their proposal, created accurate budgets for an international reporting trip and lengthy production, and went to work. The result was a poignant human story, captured with beautiful visuals and produced in a way that made a complex topic make sense to all. At every step of the way, their process and progress was transparent to me, allowing for dynamic dialogue about the project. Keep in mind that this entire project was accomplished with reporting from a country where they had no experience, few contacts and in a foreign language. No easy task.  

On a human level, the team is a delight to work with — collaborative, creative, thorough and pleasant. I’d highly recommend working with Chance Multimedia."

-- Meredith Hogan, Managing Editor, Verse

"We had a short turn-around and a tight deadline for a video project. Throughout the process, Chance Multimedia was completely professional and accommodating. We are thrilled with the finished project. You'd be well served to consider them for your video needs." 

-- Linda Gann, Senior Manager, West Slope Region, Connect for Health Colorado




How is what you offer different from a videographer I might hire?

Over the years we have built a tight team that balance each others' complementary skills, offering expertise in all areas of the storytelling process. We work with you from the pre-production phase through production to post-production and placement, providing exceptional care-taking of interviewees, beautiful visuals and crafted editing with the story in mind. 

What role do ethics play in my video project?

Often the stories we tell are highly sensitive and feature vulnerable people who have never been on camera. You want to be able to trust that your organization's storytellers and content are taken care of and receiving value throughout the process - our team believes an ethical approach is necessary in order to create an authentic story and ensure the featured subjects have a comfortable experience.

The people I want to feature haven't been been on video before. How do you prepare them? 

We provide an unlimited amount of support and time in the pre-production phase to our interviewees and coordinators to ensure all questions are answered, objectives are clear and everyone has an understanding of how the process will occur. We approach the production phase from a very personal angle, ensuring all subjects are comfortable with our team and our equipment. We take care during the interview process so participants know what to expect. We have deep respect for every step of the process and the subjects that we work with.

My organization needs a video, but I have no time to manage video production right now! How much do I need to be involved in the process? 

You can be involved as much or as little as you desire - it will be slightly different for everybody. We can take over the entire process as long as we're given a clear objective for the project and are connected to the desired subjects. With that piece of initial direction and connections to video participants, we can carry out a project with little effort from the client.  

I know I want a video but have no idea what story my organization should tell. Do you offer brainstorming sessions? 

Yes! We offer consulting for clients who would like a story development team. We believe you have the pieces to a beautiful, impactful story and we can provide the direction and insight that fits those pieces together. 

I have a strong vision for the video my organization needs, I just need someone to shoot it under my direction. Can you do that?

Absolutely - we understand that the client may know exactly what they want and how it should look, they just don't have the means to produce it. We can work under a client's close direction to produce the story they envision. 

Do you come into a shoot with a large amount of equipment? How many people travel with you?

Due to advancement in filmmaking tools these days, high production value doesn't require a lot of equipment. For a normal shoot, we typically travel with a few small cases only. Everything fits compactly enough for us to be free-moving and be able to jump at shooting opportunities swiftly and without disruption to the environment we're in. We generally travel with a team of 2 to 4 people (1 videographer / 1 producer or 2 videographers / 2 producers). 

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