Our team kicked off 2016 with a retreat to examine and identify what we value and how, as always, we can get better at what we do.

Today’s website launch is part of a larger strategy to define who we are to ourselves and the community we love. 

This work requires trust and transparency to build good relationships and good outcomes for everyone involved… because it’s about so much more than just making a “video.”

Sharing personal stories and experiences is a vulnerable act, usually done by the storyteller because they want to deepen others understanding, to connect more fully to the world around them. They want other people to benefit from their experience and to feel less alone. 

That kind of courageous action deserves respect from the people who gather the story. (That’s us). 

The respect and values we bring to our storytelling work define everything we do, from how we initially engage with clients, to the way we communicate with potential interview subjects to decisions on a final edit. 

Now these values are outlined on our site, so you know what you can expect from Chance Multimedia.

Please take a look around and let us know what you think. We’re always up for discussing the concepts we bring to our work, so just ask! 

As always, we look forward to sharing with you.

Happy storytelling,

Jessica, James, Chloe and Dan

The Chance Multimedia Team